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Before Going To Bed Tonight (16/07/2020), Let's Acknowledge God Together

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There is nothing more important than thanking God for a successful day. It's not by our power nor by might but by his grace that we are alive to see today and find fulfillment in it.

God needs nothing more from us than our heart of gratitude. He is not a man that we can appreciate with money or pleasant and flashy things of life.

All he ask of us is to always thank him for the pleasant things he has done and those he is yet to do. I won't be taking much of your time but I need your faith to be at work as God is about to bless you after you're done proclaiming all of this. I need your faith to work with mine as we say this little prayers together :

Lord Jesus, I know I'm a sinner and I know I hardly pray or thank you enough for what you've been doing for me in the past few years. As a prodigal child I'm back home please accept me, bless the work of my hands and that anywhere I tred my feet upon it shall be given to me as my possession.

Let uncommon favour begin to locate me from today onwards, as I will be going to bed tonight let your protection be sufficient for me and my household so that at the end of everything, I will have the fullest cause to glorify your holy name. Thank you lord for prayers been answered, for in Jesus matchless name I have prayed, amen.

Please don't forget to share this with your family and friends so that they will be a partaker of tonight's blessing and as you do so lines will fall in your favour in Jesus name, amen.

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