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Third Caliph After Prophet Muhammad's Death & The Achievements Of His Administration

Uthman R.A. was elected as the third Caliph in 23 AH. Uthman R.A ruled for twelve years. The Islamic state expanded greatly under his rule.

His first six years were marked by internal peace and tranquillity, while rebellion rose during the second half of his caliphate.

Uthman R.A ruled the longest among all the four caliphs.

1. Sayyidna Abu Bakr R.A. ruled for about 2 years.

2. Sayyidna Umer R.A. ruled for about 10 years.

3. Sayyidna Uthman R.A. ruled for about 12 years (the longest reign).

4. Sayyidna Ali R.A ruled for about 5 years.

Uthman R.A's achievements, during his reign as Caliph, are so many:

Some of them are:

1. Conquest of Murrow, Turkey, Alexandria, Armenia, Caucasus, Khurasan, etc. 

2. The expansion of the Islamic State.

3. Expansion of the Prophet’s Mosque

4. Compilation of the Quran.

Uthman R.A was elected the third Caliph after the passing of Umar bin Al-Khattab R.A.

During Uthman R.A's rule, the characteristics of Abu Bakr R.A's and Umar R.A's caliphate, comprehensive justice for all, and humane policies were adhered to.

Uthman R.A. continued to strive for the cause of Allah and the expansion of Islam continued in his caliphate.

Uthman R.A continued the humane and just rule of the Prophet Muhammad, Abu Bakr R.A, and Umar R.A. Uthman R.A cared for the Muslims and expanded the Muslim Caliphate.

In the twelve years of the reign of Uthman R.A., the first six years were times of relative tranquility and peace. The last years of his reign were marred by internal conflict and pockets of rebels trying to cause havoc throughout the Caliphate. 

Uthman R.A. was a very truthful and bashful person who also possessed a powerful personality. Uthman R.A. was a modest, honest, mild, generous, and very kind man. Uthman is remembered as a pious, gentle, and kind man, known for his modesty and shyness.

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Uthman R.A was married to two daughters of the Prophet Muhammad. Marriage to two daughters of the Prophet had earned Uthman the nickname "Dhun-Noorayn" (the one with the two lights), as there was no one else who had the privilege of having the Prophet as a father-in-law twice over. 

The titles of Uthman R.A were:

1. Ghani (The Rich): Uthman R.A was one of the wealthiest individuals on whom Allah bestowed wealth. He used his wealth in obedience to Allah. 

2. Dhun-Nurayn (The one with two lights):

Uthman R.A. married two daughters of the Prophet Muhammad. 

May Allah be pleased with Uthman for the great services he rendered to Islam and Muslims. It was enough for Uthman to be praised by the Prophet, "Uthman is bashful to the extent that angels get bashful when they see him."

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