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Render These Prayers Before Going Out Today

My Lord, my God, how excellent is your name, in all over the world, you are great, wonderful awesome and gracious in goodness, mercy and favour, be thou exalted oh Lord. My Eternal Rock of Ages, My God and My Father, to you, I give glory, honour and adoration for all that you have done for me last night, thank you for your divine protection over me and my family members, you didn't allow any evil circumstances to befall anyone of us, this morning, we are able to wake up this morning hale and hearty, may your good name be praised forever and ever.

My Father and My God, cover me and my entire household with your precious blood this morning, let your blood avail for me and my family members, this night, in the name of Jesus Christ.

Oh Lord, I commit this brand new day into your hands, please be with me and my family members throughout this day, protect and deliver me and my family members from all the perils of the day, don't let me and my family members fall victims of Kidnapping, insurgency, banditry, armed robbery and stray bullet, in the name of Jesus Christ.

Oh Lord, my God take absolute control of this brand new day, visit me for good, let my divine helpers locate me for good, lift me up spiritually, financial and economical, in the name of Jesus Christ.

Oh Lord, my God, whatever I lay my hands upon, let your blessings rest upon it, bless me beyond my imagination and expectation, provide for all my needs today, don't let me suffer for food, money and other basic needs of life, don't let me lack every good things, in the name of Jesus Christ.

My Saviour, deliver me from all evils, don't let my enemies rejoice over me, give me victory over them and let your fire of Holy Ghost consume every demonic powers and principalities that may want to cause confusion, sorrow, misfortune, sickness and untimely death in my life, in the name of Jesus Christ.

Oh Lord, my God let me have the full cause to glorify your holy name by the end of today, in the name of Jesus Christ.

Thank you Lord for answering all my prayers, in the name of Jesus Christ.

My esteemed readers, if you still belong to a group of people who have not given their lives to Jesus Christ, please kindly do so today, because before this day is over, the trumpet of the archangel may sound, only those who had accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour will be saved, therefore, you should be at the centre will of God..

I wish you Happy And Blessed Tuesday.

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Eternal Rock of Ages


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