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Declare This Wednesday Morning Prayer Before You Step Out Today

Almighty and everlasting King of glory, I thank you for my life and that of my family. Be glorified! Lord, I commit my ways before you according to the book of Proverbs. Direct my path and bring my plans to a successful end.

I pray for divine wisdom. Like your word advised that wisdom is the principal thing and I should get wisdom above all things. Give me the wisdom to judge wisely, to make wise decisions and not according to the dictates of the sons of men but according to your Will. Also, teach me to apply wisdom in everything I do. Give me the understanding of seasons and knowledge of time.

I pray for the grace to succeed. According to the gospel of John 15, I can do nothing without you. Open my eyes to what I need to do. Empower me to do it rightly. Help me build confidence in myself and teach me to trust you. Bless and multiply the little effort I put in towards success and let it bring forth positive results.

I pray against obstacles. Challenges will always come to test my resoluteness. Teach me to be firm in my decision, determined to see that my goal is accomplished. Make me strong to overcome any hurdles that will stand to hinder or delay my progress.

Ecclesiastes made me understand that time and chance happen to everything under the sun. Protect me against evil time and chances. Teach me to prepare myself each day for whatever may come to me.

Healing is children's bread. I am your child, hence heal me from any sickness troubling me. Teach me to take care of my health. Open my eyes to the secrets of a healthy lifestyle.

I pray against evil habits. The sacrificial death of Christ Jesus has made all things new. Hence, help me to overcome negative habits that may affect my relationship with you. Teach me forgiveness that I may forgive those that offend me. Also, help me to overcome envy and jealousy towards others. Teach me to be moderate in things because much of everything is bad. Help me overcome covetousness. Teach me contentment.

I will be a liar if I say that I am without sin. Hence forgive my imperfection. Help me become better, and to work closely with you henceforth. All these and many more I ask in the name of Christ Jesus your Son. Amen! 


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