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Sisters, Don’t Marry A Brother Whom There Is Nobody Speaking Into His Life - Pastor Kenneth

Pastor Kenneth Habuh-Rajan spoke on “Breaking Forth by Believing His Prophet” at COZA and he explained that we live in a system and a world today that the devil is doing his best to try to bounce people off the mind and agenda of God. Social media, friends, mindset, axioms, belief systems are trying to give you a perspective.

He revealed that Pastor Fatoyinbo said something earlier in that series. If you believe in something, you will put your all into it. If you believe in God, you will put your all in God. If you believe His prophet, you will put your all into His prophet. That is why Pastor would always teach us that faith is that force that brings the world to its knees. Whatsoever is born of God overcomes the world. Whatsoever has the life of God, emanates from God, has the DNA of God in it, overcomes the world. He also said to us that the most important person in your life is not the one who likes you or post you on Instagram, it is the one that builds your faith.

He said that the devil’s strategy is always to destroy perception. Perception is everything. What you see determines what drops. If the Lord does not do anything without revealing it to His servant, the prophet, then the Lord does everything through His prophet. The Church of God is built on the foundation of apostles and prophets. "You buy into this concept, your life changes for good. The key to entering dimensions is your seeing, your perception," he said.

He explained that there is something that happens when you begin to perceive your prophet differently. We’ve been taught 1 Corinthians 10: 1-4, the Bible says, they were all baptized into Moses, they drank from Moses, they drank into him. He said that It is a type and shadow of being born-again. So, every Israelite, you and I, new creation, must have a Moses. There must be a covering over you. Someone must be speaking into your life. "Sisters! Don’t marry a brother whom there is nobody speaking into his life. There are words that go with us all of our lives; words that don’t die," he said.

Finally, he said that you are not as self-sufficient as you thought, I’m telling you the truth. You need direction. They always speak against the norm. They don’t say what is prevalent. Prophecies are meant to be eaten. There are things Pastor say, you eat them.

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