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This Is The Demon We Call Spiritual Husband.


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In the episode, I bring the fourth part of this intriguing series.

Today, I will share the fourth demon on our list; Incubus; the demon of seduction in women.

Before we cruise this boat, let us first understand what demonology means.

Disclaimer: Please dear reader, I am not a ritualist or native doctor or a witch or a demonic specialist. I am simply an enthusiastic person wrapped in sheer curiosity.

What is Demonology; 

Demonology is the study of demons or beliefs about demons. 

They may be human, or nonhuman, separable souls, or discarnate spirits that never inhabited a body. 

A sharp distinction is often drawn between these two classes, notably by the Melanesians, several African groups, and others. 

Below is a list of types of demons;

Fallen Angels. 

Malevolent genii.


Ghosts or Malevolent Revenants.

Do you want to learn about each type of demons? 

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Now that we have learnt about demons. Let us discuss the demon for today.


The incubus, also called “Follet” in French, “Alp” in German, “Duende” in Spanish, and “Folletto” in Italian, was an angel who fell because of lust for women according to many of the Church Fathers.

This demon appears to women often in the form of a sexual dream or nightmare, and in fact, the Latin word for nightmare is “Incubo”; meaning to lie upon. 

His counterpart is Succubus, who appears and seduces males. 

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The incubus can assume either a male of a female shape; sometimes he appears as a full-grown man, sometimes as a satyr; and if it is a woman who has been received as a witch, he generally assumes the form of a rank goat.

Why Incubus is the demon of seduction for women;

In some legends, Incubus and Succubus were stated not to be different genders of the same demonic species, but the same demon able to change; the idea being that a Succubus would be able to lay with a man and collect his semen, and then transform into an Incubus and use that seed on women.

They may enter homes uninvited and can take on the appearance of other persons as a shapeshifter

They will often visit the same victim repeatedly. A victim of an Incubus will experience the visits as dreams.

Religious tradition holds that repeated intercourse with such a spirit by either males or females (the female version of the incubus is called a succubus) may result in the deterioration of health or even death.

In medieval Europe, union with an incubus was supposed by some to result in the birth of witches, demons, and deformed children.

Do you have wet dreams at night or a Spiritual husband or wife that visits at nights in your dreams?

Depending on your gender, this might be an Incubus or Succubus. 

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Dear reader, as I earlier said, I am not a demonic specialist so I will call it a quit here.

Did you enjoy this article and learnt something today?

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