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Muslim pilgrims begin Hajj rights (See photos)

Muslim faithfuls, who had the opportunity to go to observe the Hajj this year have started the Hajj rights.

In a series of photos posted by Masjid Al-Haram official Twitter page, the pilgrims were seen performing the "Tawaaf Al Qudum", meaning "Tawaaf of Arrival"

"Tawaaf Al Qudum" is performed by the pilgrims traveling beyond the 'Miqat' boundaries upon entering Saudi Arabia. This Tawaf is considered Sunnah, and all male and female pilgrims are required to wear Ihram to perform it.

See photos below:

Recall that this year's Hajj is restricted to only 60,000 Saudi Arabia citizens and residents due to the ongoing pandemic.

Health protocols like such as the use of face masks, observance of social distancing are all been respected.

To ensure the safety of the pilgrims, Saudi Arabia authorities have made provisions for 300+ male and female volunteers, 2000+ medical items, 30 ambulance bags, 30 oxygen bags, and 25 paramedic points.

Here's a photo of some of the volunteers:

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