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Take hold of your dream

Finding out God's will for your life shouldn't depend on "luck" or "fate." And regardless of Our life has treated you, His will for you isn't to give up on you and throw you in the trash. He's not limited by your life circumstances. After all, this is the same God who took nothing and made it into something--this whole big world! He can, and will, do the same thing with your life, even if you think your life is just a big zero. 

You have hope, Mr. or Ms. Zero if you are connected to Jehovah God because He specializes in taking nothing and nobody and making something beautiful out of it. 

You are not an accident. I don't care if you came from an illegitimate birth. No seed and egg can come together and come to full term life unless God gives life. Nobody is a loser. Every single life has a destiny. God wants each of us to collide with our destiny.

There's a promise and a warning in these words. The promise is that every one of us has a God ordained destiny.

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