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A Letter to the DEVIL

Dear Devil,

How are you today?

I hope you are not too hot in hell?

I have a lot of questions for you. 

Are you even in hell or here on Earth?

Do you really want to drag a lot of people down to hell with you?

Why is everything enjoyable considered bad?

Are you really respinsible for every bad thing?

Is it true the only thing you can't give is eternal life?

I thought you had eternal life?

Did you really fight with God?

If you are so wicked, why is the heart of man being considered desperately wicked?

Are you as bothered about us as we are about you?

Do you have night vigils and do you have long days of fasting too?

Aren't you too busy to have time for us?

Tell me, are you as cute as they say?

Why are you African?

Did you name yourself or we did that for you?

Are you really responsible for all this pain?

People have offended me and they say "it's the devil's handwork",

Why can't I seem to get mad at you but at them?

Are you the black cat that meows outside my window at night?

Why aren't you the one embezzling our money?

Are you human?

Do you really like snakes or you just decided to try out it's body?

What if you are so busy trying to reconnect to God and we are here blaming you for everything?

Do you like pounded yam and Egusi soup or you prefer human souls?

Why don't you like Dodo? 

It's actually tasty, it's actually tastier than human souls which is actually ugly and evil.

Can you tell me what Jesus looks like?

If you are the cause of war, then why does religion that preach peace so chaotic?

Maybe someday, even when I don't get to be with you, I can have you answer all of my questions.

I still believe you aren't as evil as humans make you to be. 

Have an amazing day, if you have days there.

Say hello to God for me since you see him much more than we who fight against you do! 


Content created and supplied by: NiQue (via Opera News )



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