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Read What A German Mosque Is Doing To Help People During Ramadan (Video Included)

I came across this beautiful story while surfing the Internet and I thought it wise to share it with Nigerians, especially now that the country is kind of divided along ethnic and religious line.

The story that is in a video format was posted on social media by DW News, a verified and trustworthy German-based source of international news.

The video narrated how a German mosque is helping people who were hit hard by the Covid19 pandemic by handing out thousands of free meals during Ramadan

The mosque figured out that many people are suffering financially as a result of Covid19 and they decided to start handing out free meals. This is the second Ramadan being celebrated by Muslims during the Covid19 pandemic.

The meal is originally being provided to Muslim as Iftar. Iftar is a meal eaten by Muslims to break their fast after sunset and it is meant to be a simple meal with high spiritual value, according to the video.

Whist the idea was to help Muslims break their Ramadan fast, everyone can request the meal and eat it for other purposes.

According to the video, they don't question your religion or nationality when you request a meal. All you have to do is put a call across and someone will be sent to drop a meal at your doorstep.

The plan is to give out 12,000 meals during this year Ramadan.

The free meal initiative started last year and it is being funded with donations from Muslims who are doing okay financially.

Click here to watch the video.

There is no reason not to have a little hope in humanity after watching this video.

We should all remember to show love to people even when they don't share the same religion with us.

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