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Man Sparks Reactions After Condemning Female Students For Doing This For Their Male Church Pastors

A young man has really gotten lots of reactions from Nigerians after he condemned female Students in Nigeria for doing 2 things for their Church Pastors in school who are fellow students like them, especially the male ones.

In most Nigerian universities, there are campus churches which are most times being led by pastors who are fellow students. These Student pastors are mostly called "papa" or "mama" as a form of respect for their position.

Not just the pastors but anyone who is a leader in church is being called either "papa" or "mama".

Now this young man expressed his disappointment with students in school especially the female ones, who attach so much importance to these Student pastors and end up doing domestic chores for them.

He mentioned 2 things these female students do for their male pastors which doesn't make sense to him and they are

1) Always cooking and feeding the male pastors

2) Washing their clothes regularly especially their underwear. In his own words he saw this as ridiculous.

From the reactions his post sparked, much emphasis was laid on the cooking aspect as many Nigerians agreed with him on that particular one.

See his post

Meanwhile, some supported the act of such female Students as they saw nothing wrong with their actions towards their male pastors in church.

Some even went on to share a part of their story and personal experiences. Take a look below at some of the comments/reactions.

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