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Say these prayers for God to fight all your battles today

God is the creator of everything under the heaven. He is the Author, and Source of everything. The Bible says; "God created man in His own image", God can see, talk, walk, and reason as we do. His hand is mighty; He is not like other “man made gods” that cannot do anything.

The Bible makes us understand that God is always with His people. He delivered the Israelites from Egypt “the land of slavery”, he stretched His mighty hand to delivered Paul and silas in the prison. He delivered Meshack, Shadrack and Abednego from the evil king. That is the reason why the Bible says; "There is no shame for those that trust in Him. What ts your problem? No matter what the case may be, if you believe in him, He will never disappoint you. He stretched His mighty hand to sinners sometime to show them mercy.

He stretched His hand to deliver His people. (Acts 16:16-30)

He stretched His hand to heal the sick. (Matt. 5)

He stretched His hand to raise the dead (Luke 11:32)

He stretched His hand to Promote His people. (1 Chr. 29:12}

Trust and obey, He will surely see you through.

Let's Pray

1. Oh! Lord, stretch your hand to take away my sorrow in Jesus name

2. Every negative hand in my life, work and home dry up in Jesus name.

3. Oh! ye mighty hand of the Lord, destroy my yoke in Jesus name

4. Oh! Lord, stretch your hand to touch me and change my story in Jesus name.

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