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Lay your right hand on your chest and Say these Night Prayers for Total Breakthrough and triumph.

For God to give you Total Breakthrough and Deliverance in your life and endeavours. Say these Powerful night Prayers.

It is of great importance that you communicate with your Heavenly Father at all times. No matters how rough the road may be, or the challenges you are facing seems overwhelming. Instead of being sad, sorrowful and shameful. Cry unto God with all your heart and he will come to your help and rescue you. It is may seems that it is taking too long. Nevertheless do not loose hope, God's time is always the best.

Lay your right hand on your chest and Say these Powerful night Prayers.

Oh Lord arise on my behalf, and scatter every meeting point that is working against my rising. Oh Lord discomfit every meeting point, and put confusion in their midst. Let them begin to fight against one another in Jesus Name.

Oh Lord scatter every covenant and incantation against my uprising, my joy and prosperity. Oh Lord nullify the effect of such manipulation in Jesus Name.

Mighty Redeemer, Redeem my life from sorrow, poverty, stagnation. Redeem me speedily, let your blessings be evident in my life in the Mighty Name of the Jesus.

Oh God succour my life from every demonic oppression and attacks, shield me from every evil arrows targeting my progress and ambition in life.

Merciful Father, save me and my loved ones from premature Death. Let us never me a victim to affliction of any kind. Deliver us from life threatening diseases. Protect us from accidents in Jesus Name.

At a time when the prices of everything is getting Higher and higher, provide abundantly for me. Open the windows of Heaven on my behalf, show me your mercy and make a way for me. Deliver me from begging and borrowing, shower your blessings upon my Life in Jesus Name.

Seal your prayers with a Threefold Powerful Amen below. Don't forget to share immediately to your loved ones, and follow at the top for more daily dose of prayers.

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