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As A Church Usher, Here Are Some Things That You Shouldn't Do In Order Not To Make Members Angry

If you are very observant, you should have noticed by now that the ushers in a church are the first set of people to welcome a member into the church. Ushers are very kind and tolerant to the members of the church as they do usher people to their seats with great pleasure. As a church usher, you are responsible for taking guests to their seats, you're to maintain the order and security of the church. Even with all their kind gestures, there are moments where these ushers tend to do extreme things. Below are some things that a church usher shouldn't do so that they won't annoy the members of that church. 

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1. As a church usher, you are not supposed to poke a member with a pen or any other sharp object just to keep them awake. There are some members of the church who often sleep during the service but as an usher, it would be more polite if you tap them rather than poking them with your pen.

2. Ushers should not forget to always use their right hand to give and recieve items. This one sounds absurd but there are many elderly people out there who take note of the kind of services you give and also how you give them.

3. If given a prayer request, the ushers are not supposed to read them. Some members often see their prayer requests as something that should be confidential. So if you are an usher, it won't be nice if you read a prayer request given to you. 

4. As an usher, you should not raise your voice at someone else while in the church. Raising your voice will do a lot of damage to your reputation and you wouldn't like that. You might also tarnish the image of your church once you do something like that.

I hope you all have learnt something from this, don't forget to share your comments too.

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