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Check Out The Difference Between A Bishop And An Apostle

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Bishop and Apostle are two of the most used titles among Christian leaders today. The mention of any of the two is a signal that a great spiritual personality is about to be addressed.

Years ago, only a few Christian leaders were recognized with the title 'Bishop' and those called Apostles were even fewer.

But in recent years, there has been an increase in the numbers of clergymen that identify themselves with these two titles. 

This development has led to identity conflict, making it difficult for many people to distinguish between these sacred titles. To solve this problem, we need to answer the following questions.

Who Is A Bishop?

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The usage of the title 'Bishop' in Christianity dates back to Bible days. The word is derived from the Greek word, Episkopos which means 'overseer'.

A Bishop is therefore a Christian that has been consecrated, ordained, and entrusted with a position of authority and leadership. 

To become a bishop, one has to climb through various levels of ecclesiastical hierarchy as stipulated by the laws governing his Church denomination.

A Christian can not just profess himself to be a bishop. He must have gone through many levels of priesthood and be consecrated into the office by another Bishop.

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Who Is An Apostle?

The word Apostle was first used in the Bible to describe the twelve disciples of Jesus Christ. It has its origin from the Greek word Apostolos meaning "Person sent".

An apostle is a messenger sent on a mission. For someone to be an apostle, there must be a message or a commission he has been entrusted with.

Originally, only the twelve disciples of Jesus Christ were acknowledged as Apostles. This was based on the premise that they were physical witnesses of Jesus.

However, the incorporation of Paul into the apostolic college opened the pathway for many others, who have received a mandate from the Lord to call themselves apostles. 

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Hinting on the fivefold ministry, the Bible recounted that some are called to be apostles. See 1 Corinthians 12:28. 

To become a bishop, a clergyman needs to climb through the ecclesiastical ladder and be ordained into the office.

While the apostolic entails an individual receiving a special commission from God.

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