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Destorying A Statue Of Jesus Will Not Destroy Jesus or His Power - Man Tells Imam

Several mixed reactions have followed the tweet of the Popular peace loving Imam Tawhidi Mohammad also known as Imam of Peace.

While reacting to the tweet of the imam, a twitter user identified as Catwill said "Yeah but on the bright side Jesus does not care about the statue. Really not suppose to be doing Graven images anyway. Destorying a statue of Jesus will not destroy Jesus or his power. But it is property of that particular church and should not be vandalized" - said Catwill.

The above reply and reaction from Catwill is a a response to the tweet of the Imam which reads "Jesus is not safe in America. Jesus statue found beheaded at a church in Kendall. The Archdiocese of Miami wants it investigated. Must be condemned by all of us".

This tweet by the peace loving Imam has also generated a lot of other reactions from both Christians and non-Christians.

Some other reaction are of the opinion that the Mindless destruction of Religious symbols regardless of alleged justifications is a thing that should not be done, not only does it create more problems, it closes doors that otherwise could have lead to peaceful and intelligent dialogues.

Please read somw other reactions below.

What is your take on this?

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