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8 Red Flags You Should Never Ignore If Your Enter Any Church

Anyone who is a Christian and studies his bible will agree with me that although we have many ministers of the gospel, unfortunately some are known to preach a strange gospel.

Since we're in the end time and people ought to prepare for the return of the Lord, Matthew 7:15-20 says we should be careful to watch out for the fruits that is been put out by some self-acclaimed man of God.

It's to this end that this article will give you some red flags that you must never ignore each time you visit any church.

1. The minister is always concerned about flamboyant things and concentrate more about his outfit or wardrobe.

2. Instead of preaching more on the salvation of souls, he focuses more on prosperity and success in life.

3. Instead of having either the symbol of the cross, Jesus or anything that points to God Almighty, they have a big banner of themselves in the front.

4. Lack of transparency in church account.

5. Never ending any projects that involves finances.

6. When the pastor is so obsessed with casting out demons or performing miracles.

7. When he is unusually controversial and confrontation.

8. When their preaching contradict their Lifestyle as 2 Timothy 3:1-5 warns us to stay away from such people who have a form of Godliness but devoid of it's power.

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