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Thursday Morning: Prayers For Today Success.

I will start by welcoming everyone to another beautiful day. Today prayers is a prophetic declarations upon your life. And as you read and believe, success is your portion today.

I pray that you will not answer to the voice of your enemies in Jesus name.

I declare upon your life that society will not corrupt your body neither your mind. As you step out this morning, your appearance will show examples of godliness to others in Jesus name.

Your spirit will not see indecency, your eyes shall resist evils, your mouth will speak kind words, your hands will do evil and your legs shall not walk into trouble in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

The Bible assure us that does who trust in the Lord shall never be put to shame. So, I stand to prophesies that, because Jesus is always by your side every misfortune will pass over, Every yoke over your life is destroyed today in Jesus name. Every burden are now being taken away by the power of Jesus Christ.

I hereby conclude this prayers by saying, success will begin to flow in your life and your family. Prosperity is yours in Christ Jesus.

If you believe it, then say thank you Jehovah my provider. Thank you for bringing them to fulfilment in my life in Jesus name.

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