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Elegant and Trendy Gowns for Muslim Ladies to Rock for Friday Prayers

Fridays are very important days for Muslims especially in the holy month of Ramadan. It's a month to get closer to God and seek for forgiveness. It's another beautiful Thursday and Friday prayers are just around the corner. As we prepare to go for Friday prayers, it's important that we rock suitable outfits as commanded by God.

Muslim ladies are expected to cover a large part of the body. The reasons for this are well explained in the Qur'an. Today, let's check out some suitable outfits Muslim ladies can rock for Jumat service tomorrow. Abaya gowns are the latest and most suitable wears for our Muslim sisters. The outfit perfectly fits what God described as women's clothing in the Qur'an.

Abaya get come in different colours and styles. Some come with their hijabs while you might need to buy a veil for others. Abaya could be seen with plain and patterned materials depending on the taste of who wants to wear it. In fact, not only Muslims wear Abaya gowns, many non Muslims have come to also love the elegant and classy outfit.

As you prepare to attend Jumat service tomorrow, check out some Abaya gowns you could rock.

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