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Powerful prayer lines against stagnation

Powerful prayer lines against stagnation: stagnation simply means, when you remain on the same spot in life, even after so many hustling and works.

Stagnation is the same as set back and it's as a result of powerful people (enemies) that don't want you to progress, and only prayers can help u, read below for powerful prayer line against stagnation.

1) first of all thank God for a wonderful day today.

2) ask God to forgive your sins.

3) invite the holy Spirit of God into your life.

4) cover yourself with the blood of Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost fire.

5) now pray with a loud voice, any power of the enemy holding me back, let me go by fire.

6) any man or woman with any evil intentions towards me and my households, die by fire.

7) any body from my mother side, father side, any Conner if the earth, that is holding my blessing, paralyze in Jesus name.

8) pray for God's favor upon your life.

9) decree and declare yourself free from any form of stagnation.

10) declare with faith, Psalm 91.

11) cover yourself with the blood if Jesus once again.

12) round up your prayers by saying the Lord's Prayer.

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