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4 Reasons The Bible Was Given to Christians

There are 4 basic reasons why the Bible was given to Christians. The bible is a Holy book that contains the mind and words of God, as well as his works, and the works of his anointed. It was given by inspiration, and in the book of 2nd Timothy chapter 3 verses 16, apostle Paul highlighted 4 reasons why this powerful word of God was given. In this article, I would expose you to these reasons and also give you an insight to what each of them means. Without further ado, the 4 reasons are:

1. The Bible Was Given for Reproof:

From my research, reproof can be seen as an expression of disapproval. Disapproval in the sense that a person does not get the freedom to do what he or she asked for. The bible has so many scenes where God never approved some certain things. For example, God never approved of the fact that Saul should use all the animals, gold, and so on, that he got from got from one of his journeys, as a burnt offering unto him. It was Saul who acted on his own, and the consequences were upon his head. We can see that there are certain things that God does not approve of us to do. Therefore, it is pertinent that we read the bible, and also pray to know his mind concerning whatever we are doing.

2. The Bible Was Given for Correction:

As the name implies, correction is an act of correcting or making someone see the mistake in what he or she has done. The bible has so many places where so many people were corrected. One of the best examples we can get is that of David. David was a man who committed so many sins, yet, God still loved him. This love of God towards him did not remove the correction. God still used some media to correct him when and where necessary. But some of those corrections were really painful. Furthermore, the bible also has some verses that tells us to correct others when they have gone wrong.

3. The Bible Was Given for Doctrine:

From my research, doctrine can be seen as a belief or set of beliefs that is taught by a particular set of people. Within the context of the Church, doctrine can be seen as a religious Christian belief that all Christians hold. The bible has so many doctrines. Christians have so many beliefs. One of the beliefs is that God resurrected Jesus Christ, our LORD and Savior from the dead. Another is that heaven and hell is real. So, there are so many beliefs in the bible, and these beliefs are to be guarded with all integrity by the Christian.

4. The Bible Was Given for Instruction in Righteousness:

The last but not the least on our list is the fact that the bible was given for instruction in righteousness. An instruction is any command which is given out from a particular person to another, and which the receiving party is expected to keep. Instructing someone in righteousness means that every command you give is always in line with the words of God, and so, the receiving party need not to worry of the fact that he or she is going against the instructions of God. The bible has so many books that gave instructions. Starting from the book of Genesis, there was an instruction given to Adam and Eve by God. Going forward to Exodus, God gave the children of Israel 10 commandments which served as instructions to do what is right and leave what is wrong. As Christians, we are expected to obey all the instructions that were given in the bible. It is one of the steps to attaining holiness.

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