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Before you step out this Morning (20/07/2020) Pray this Powerful Prayer for God's Divine Protection

All-powerful father, your word is valid and stay steady. You have rung me from my dormant state indeed and topped off me with your breathe of life and strength. I thank you for permitting me see one more day. Much thanks to you for wellbeing. 

Your words in Psalm 125:1 says: 

Those that put their trust in the Lord are like Mount Zion, which can never be shaken, and can never be expelled. Much thanks to you my king for building up me, I am immovably arranged and can never be moved by any circumstance. 

Offer your worship to God

I thank you great father of glory for you are the super force behind my life, unchangeable changer, never-ending Jehovah, the Lion of the clan of Judea, the mountains melter. 

Out of the sound of your voice the sky, the Earth, the Ocean, fishes , fowls appeared. 

Instruct me to live as indicated by your word , since you are my God who spares me, I will consistently trust in you, God my guardian as I step out today, don't let me love what will annihilate me. 

God Is Our Defender [psalm 91:3-4] 

Father of mercy, I thank you for your Holy messenger you have set accountable for me to manage my progression with the goal that I may not hurt my feet on the Stone. 

The same way it was written in book of [Psalm 1:6] 

The honest are guided and secured by the God. direct me my extraordinary Deliverer, as I go out and come in today shield me from the malicious plans of the enemies. 

He disappointed the weapon of the enemy [Job 5:12] 

 Today in each point, or course that the adversary will fire their detestable bolts [ Psalm 91:5-6] at me today , baffle their gadget [Job 5:12 ] and drop their even arrangement. Master of glory let them fall into their own snare [ Psalm141:10] 

'Those that put their trust in the You are like Mount Zion, which can never be shaken, and can never be evacuated" 

Almighty God today build up my doings, place my feet on the Strong Stone me, with the goal that I can stand firm arranged and get immoveable in any circumstance. 

Make this positive confession with faith

✓ " what ever you tie on Earth will be tie in heaven" [ Mathew 16:18-19 ]. 

I order that today am blessed, Men will bless me, ladies Will bless me, old and youthful a like will bless me. 

✓ I what ever I lay my hands upon will thrive , in light of the fact that the Ruler has vowed to favor crafted by my hand [ Deut 28:12, psalm 90:17] 

✓ I will prevail in all that I do, your light o God of goodness will sparkle on my pathway and you will bless the work of my hands [Job 22:28] 

✓ Today I am protected and safe in your hands

✓ No evil will happen to me and my family today 

✓ I am confident on the grounds that you have secured me with your wings, and I will be protected by you 

✓ My feet will consistently be lifted up by you heavenly Angels, that I may not hurt them on the stone 

Great father of glory I have instructed my day through your words set up it and let it happen. Let the expressions of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be satisfying before you in Jesus name So be it. 

The people who put their trust in you gracious God will be established , they will ascend on wings like hawks; they will run and not get drained; they will walk and never become frail. Powerful father, as I step out today restore my lost glory and let me ascend on wings like birds. 

God my Defender, as it's in your promise in Psalm 91:3-4 

As I step out today you will protect me from every concealed threat and from every savage infection ; you will cover me with your wings and I will be sheltered in your care in Jesus name Amen.

I trust you have made this to supplication with faith, please share it

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