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Here Is What Your Thinking Pattern Does To Your Life

The thinking pattern pattern of a man will determine how he acts, there are two types of inspirations that person propel thinking in the heart of a man.

Destructive inspiration from Satan and Constructive inspiration from Jesus. 

Demonic forces are the promoters of destructive inspiration. The Holy Spirit is the power behind constructive inspiration.

The outcome of destructive inspiration  is always disastrous but the outcome of constructive inspiration is always productive. If you are not satisfied with your present life style you may need to pray concerning your thinking pattern.

Your thinking pattern have impact in your life, it either make or mar you. Practice the habit of thinking positively, allow the Holy Spirit direct your thinking pattern.

When you have victory over your thinking pattern, all things you do shall as from that day follow the agenda of the Holy Spirit. 

Think positively. Change your world.

God bless you.

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