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(Opinion) Reasons Why Going To Church Is Nothing But Scam

1. Worshiping What You Can't See

We are told that God is a super natural being and he created the heaven and earth, we believe that he exist but we don't see him.

My question is who have seen God and how does he look like, in terms of height, colour or anything that can describe him.

2. Impersonators.

Many people in the synagogue now are days are even terrible more than those that we consider as unbelievers or sinners, many pretend to be committed in the church but out side their heart are filled with evil.

3. Scamming Pastors.

Some of the pastors now are no better than yahoo boys, because some defraud individuals in the name of miracles, deliverance, healing and many more.

Some pastors ask for money before praying for people and if the individual does not have the required fund, they refuse praying for the person, which goes against the teaches of the bible that say freely you receive and freely you shall give.

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