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Two powerful keys that answer prayers pt2

Glory be to God for continuation. For you to understand my messages you need to read the first article on Two keys that answer prayers pt2. (RELATIONSHIP and IMPORTUNITY )


know what the Lord is doing at the time, all they want is for God to meet their needs. That's it.

Their prayer list doesn't have any burden for God's Kingdom in it, at all. They are all after their personal and family needs. They don't care whether the will of God - His grand plan for His universe and humanity comes to pass or not, and they have no particular assignments they are faithfully carrying out for the good of God's Kingdom daily. They go to church, alright, but they don't care. They are prodigal children, not friends. They are sottish children who only care about their own food and needs.

"For my people is foolish, they have not known me; they are sottish children, and they have none understanding: they are wise to do evil, but to do good they have no knowledge." Jeremiah 4:22.

Relationship is the key. Have you known Him? Is He your friend? What responsibilities are you undertaking for Him? Some don't want any responsibility but they have a list of privileges they want to enjoy from God? It doesn't work that way, Beloved.

Go and get a living and useful relationship with God. There are people whose joy is to make sure that I never run out of data and that my children are well taken care of so that I can focus in my prayers, research and teachings. Those people are precious to God. And will share eternally in my rewards. For he that receives a prophet in the name of a prophet or gives him a cup of cold water shall have a prophet's reward.

What burden are you bearing for the Lord today? What is your work in His house? A friend in need is a friend indeed. Take this seriously. Be a friend of God. Live according to His Words. And be useful to Him and His people.

Then, in your moment of IMPORTUNITY, as a friend coming to Him at midnight with an urgent need that cannot wait, He will arise and give you as many loaves as you may want.

And don't forget that the prayer of IMPORTUNITY is never a lukewarm, casual, half-hearted, cold prayer. No! But a fervent one. It is prayer on fire. A prayer that comes with persistence and in much tears. A prayer that may last for minutes, hours, days or even weeks, until the answer comes, as Daniel did in Daniel 9:2. For as it is written, The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.

He will arise and give you what you ask. If God doesn't heal you now, when? You say in His time. But would His time come when you would have died already? Would His time come when poverty would have finished your life and lovely family? When would His time come, would it be when you would have become so old that marital companionship won't excite you any longer?

When would God's time for you to marry come? Would it come when you would have passed menopause and have become used to living alone all by yourself?

Talk to me! When would God's time come, it is when you would have lost all the members of your family or church to death and witchcraft attacks? No! The prayer of IMPORTUNITY says, "Father, Your time is NOW, for the dead cannot praise Jah. My marriage is now! My healing is now! My breakthrough is now!"

And Jesus said, even if God wasn't going to rise and give you your heart's desire because you're his friend, but because of your IMPORTUNITY, He will rise and give you as many loaves as you may want. And having crossed the friendship mark, you now qualify to ask, "Give us this day, our daily bread." Luke 11:3.

May the Lord give you this day, your daily bread! May you amend your ways with Him and be empowered to take advantage of your intimacy with Him to pray earnestly so as to take back whatever is yours which the enemy wants to steal from you now or may have stolen already, in Jesus' mighty name!

I'm still praying for you. Your prayer requests are not neglected. Hoping that this long teaching on prayer has triggered something new in your life now!

"Moreover as for me, God forbid that I should sin against the LORD in ceasing to pray for you: but I will teach you the good and the right way." 1 Samuel 12:23.

Thanks for reading Be encouraged

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