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Is It Wrong For Women To Wear Trousers? Adeboye mentioned two points that believers should Adhere To

Is it considered impolite for a lady to wear trousers? In an Open Heaven daily devotional, outspoken Pastor Enoch Adeboye discussed whether or not wearing trousers by a woman is considered a sin.

Pastor Adeboye emphasized two things that Christians should be aware of:

1 - If your parents or church have told you not to wear trousers, follow their instructions. You have committed a sin if you disobey their orders.

2 - It is preferable for Christians to abstain from worldly possessions for the sake of the Day of Judgment. A female Christian who feels turmoil in her heart whenever she wears slacks should be aware that she is committing a sin. Pastor Adeboye backed up his claim with a verse from Romans 14:23: "And anyone doubts is doomed if he eats, since he eats not of faith; for whatever is not of faith is sin." Womenare not permitted to attend sermons in trousers in churches such as the Redeemed Christian Church of God.

What do you think about pastor Adeboye's comments? I will love to see your opinion in the comments section below.

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