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Incredible things you were never told about monks

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A monk is a man who have devoted all his life to a religion. The word monk was derived from Greek word and can be translated as solitary, the word can be used for both men and women in general but in English women are been called nun not monk.

Monks practice asceticism ( they can have sex or drink, but devote themselves into their spiritual world).

They always love to live alone or together with those who share the same ideals as them. Monks are mostly found in Buddhism, Christianity and Hinduism etc.

Monks who lives alone are called hermits, those who living with others do so in the monasteries while nun living together do so in convent.

Here are some laws monks chose to obey

1. Poverty: they cannot own anything

2. Chastity : monks cannot have sex or a sexual relationship and cannot start a family or get married.

3. Solitude : monks should always been alone but not all follow this.

4. Silence : they are always in silence and only speak when ever it's necessary.

5. Generosity : monks should always be helpful to others in need.

6. Stillness : they can't travel unless it's necessary.

7. Duty : must must always commit to their duty e.g meditation.

The question is can you be a monk?

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