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Say These Prayers

ItMy children will not inherit poverty or problem by the precious grace of God

I shall be the break throughput of poverty in my family

Next year shall be a year of good experience and problem end

I prey that all my heart desires and dreams shall come true

I pray that all evil planned against me, my family, my friends and my love ones shall not work or they shall not see what they want

I pray that next year would be a progressive new decade for all Nigerian citizens

May we have it, to give it out next year πŸ™

I pray that our family will be in touch with us soon as we are getting it

May Almighty Allah bless all the Hustlers out there, it's not easy doing it all our self may Allah Almighty bless our hustle πŸ™

May Almighty grant our mumies and dadies that died a peaceful time in there various graves. And when it's our time may we die with the kalimatu sha'ha da (la'ilahailla'Allahu Muhammadu rasulul'Allahi Salal'Allahu Alaihi wasalam πŸ’ž)

And may we never lack wisdom to substain and multiply all that we work and pray for Ameen

Amen πŸ€²πŸ€²πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

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Allah Almighty Ameen Nigerian


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