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OPINION: How Pastor Williams Kumuyi Is Adjusting Some Doctrines In The Deeper Life

In Nigeria, there are a lot of churches but the only thing that differentiates all of these churches from each other is the doctrine at which they operate. Some churches operates using the doctrine of grace, prayer, thanksgiving, and others but the Deeper Life Bible Church that was founded by Pastor Williams Kumuyi is a church that operates using the doctrine of righteousness and holiness.

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This kind of doctrine by the Deeper Life Bible Church is considered to be rigid and too difficult for a lot of Christians to abide with but recently, Pastor Williams Kumuyi made a statement about correcting some of the Church doctrines before he dies. And from the look of things, Pastor Williams Kumuyi is starting to embrace and change some of the things he stood against in the past.

Using the recent happenings as an example, we have decided to share with you some of the things Pastor Kumuyi is doing to change the mentality and mindset of people about the Deeper Life Church.

1. The Deeper Life Bible Church, just like other Church denominations have started inviting more gospel singers to minister in the Church's program. Before now, the Deeper Life Bible Church rarely invites guest artists to their crusades, programs, and others as their mass choir is the only one expected to minister during those programs.

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But as of recent, Pastor Williams Kumuyi seems to be having a second thought on that, and this year alone, the Church has invited three gospel singers to minister in different crusades of the ministry. Don Moen, Nathaniel Bassey, and Kon Renoly are the three gospel artists that Pastor Kumuyi invited to different crusades held this year.

2. The use of Television, the internet, and other luxuries are things that the church considers as been earthly and can affect the growth of a Christian but as of recent, the Church is beginning to use all of these things in their programs and that is helping in changing the mindset of people about the Church.

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As a matter of fact, Pastor Williams Kumuyi arrived in Abuja for the ongoing "Divine Solutions Global Crusade" in a way that seems to surprise a lot of people. He arrived in a Limousine and that has never been his way of doing things.

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With these things mentioned above, I think Pastor Williams Kumuyi is already using that to correct some of the doctrines that he promised to change. What are your thoughts about this article? lets us know what you think by using the comment section.

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