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Women Wearing Trousers To Church: Right Or Wrong [OPINION]

This is also another predominant issue in Africa, I don't know about other countries, for now. Most this individuals who has this belief, sees a lady going to place of worship putting on a trouser is a nonbeliever. They use this bible verse beneath to absolve their action

" A lady shall not put on anything that pertinent to a man, nor shall a man wear woman's clothing, for the Lord your God abhor anyone who does this " Deut 22:5

Now my question is, was style of the clothing clearly stated or was there trouser at the time when this law was announced, weren't they all wearing the same style of clothing? For this reason the scripture told us to study to show thyself approved. The true meaning of this statement is that men shouldn't wear clothing that belongs to a lady, i.e clothing already worn by a lady should not be found on a man. The law was made because of the ladies monthly period, so that a man won't be disvirgined, because then lady having their period are not to worship in church then. Besides, we don't live by that law anymore thank God for Christ.

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