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Why catholics Burn Incense On Their Altar During Church Service

Hello world, welcome to my article. Today, I shall be writing on why the catholic church burn incense on their alter during church service.

It is worthy of not that most other churches on earth today do not burn incense during church service. This singular act is common with the catholic church.

Note that the catholic church originated from Rome. It is also called Roman catholic church. It is a world wide church. That is to say, it is seen in various parts of the world.

The pope is the religious head of the catholic church, with the aid of other priests under him. These priests receive order and instructions from the pope. The catholic church has high numbers of worshippers who attend the church.

Here is why catholic church burn incense on their altar during church service. 👇

The catholic church in their doctrine during holy mass believe that the smoke of burning incense is an image of the prayers of the faithful rising to heaven.

More so, the symbolism is seen in Psalm 141:2: which says, "Let my prayer be incense before you; my uplifted hands an evening offering".

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