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Checkout The Dinka Tribe And What Makes Them Unique

The Dinka tribe is a tribe that can be found in South Sudan. They occupy the Nile basin axis of that region.

According to a 2008 census, the Dinka people account for about 4.5 million in terms of population. This makes them the largest ethnic group in the country.

The Dinka people practice three forms of religion which are Christianity, Islam and Dinka traditional religion, though majority of them are Christians.

One major distinction of the Dinka people is that they together with the Tutsi tribe of Rwanda are the tallest people in the African continent.

An average Dinka man is about 5.11m tall though a recent research shows that it is now 5.9m.

When it comes to occupation, the Dinka people are predominantly nomads and they are also into subsistence and commercial agriculture.

Another important thing to note about this people is the facial scarification practiced among them. One could see various strands of tribal marks running across their forehead or face.

It is common among men of the Dinka tribe to scar their face with three parallel lines across the forehead.

 According to them, it indicates a rugged display of courage to the tribe. It is also an indicator that depicts the transition from childhood to adulthood. It is also believed that it adds beauty to their women.

What do you have to say about the Dinka culture and their tribal marks, do you think they are mutating their skin? Drop your view on this in the comment box.

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