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Dreams, Their Purposes And Significance

Dreams are not what people think it is. 

For you to understand what dreams are, you first of all need to grasp or comprehend what the host (person having a dream) actually is, and secondly what the environment (sleep) actually is.

The scripture that treats the subject of dreams comprehensively is Job 33:14-30. 

You will do well to study it.

For the purpose of this teaching, we will use man to represent both male and female.

Man is a host of dreams.

But man is not the only host of dreams. Animals are also hosts of dreams. 

In other words, animals have dreams just as man does, but they do not comprehend or understand it. 

What Is Man?

Man is a physical and spiritual tripartite being made up of spirit, soul and body. 

Man is the sole tripartite (three parts) being on earth. 

Animals have only two parts (soul and body). The reason is because the spiritual gave birth to the physical and controls it; so every physical thing on earth both animate and inanimate have a spiritual version or copy of it. 

For example, a physical table has a spiritual version of it. 

The rule is this: "As in heaven, so on earth."

The spirit of man dwells inside the soul, while the soul dwells inside the body. 

The order of heaven is that the spirit comes first in order of priority and importance, followed by the soul, then the body. But Satan revised the order of man's being by deceiving man to give their bodies the highest priority while neglecting the spirit and soul. Some people even believe that man has no spirit and soul that survives the death of his body.

The spirit of man is God Himself dwelling inside the soul of man. But man cannot commune with God dwelling in him because his sins alienate him from God. 

That is the reason why Igbo people say that God is "O no nso eru aka."; meaning " Near, but inreachable." And Jesus said that "the kingdom of God is within you." (Luke 17:21).

Now because God and His kingdom are inseparable and God is within each and every one of us, anything you do to your fellow man whether good or bad, you do it to God. 

This is a mystery. 

That is the reason why Jesus condemned the folks in Matthew 25:41-46. 

Read it carefully, it is very instructive.

The body of man is the only part of him that is made on earth; the spirit and the soul are created in heavenly regions. 

The spirit and soul of man are the parts of man that can commune with and have relationship with God.

Whenever the body dies, the spirit and soul will return to God as one entity if there is a harmonious relationship between the man and God, while the body returns to the dust. But if there is no harmonious relationship between the man and God, the spirit will separate from the soul and return to God, the soul will go to hell which is a place of suffering and separation from God, while the body returns to the dust. The spirit cannot go with the soul to hell because it is God Himself in a miniature (small) form. It is like a man depositing himself in a small form in the womb of say a hundred women. They will all be pregnant and give birth to little babies that have his genes or bloodline. 

So God has Himself in seven billion people on earth at any given time. But why did He do that?

The Purpose of Man's Creation

Before the creation of the earth and man, one of the archangels in heaven named Lucifer rebelled against God and deceived 25% of the angels in heaven to join him in his attempt to overthrow God. Lucifer was the most beautiful angel in heaven and had all sorts of precious stones and all sorts of musical instruments in his body. 

In fact he stood before God and led the angels in heaven in the worship of God in his capacity as choirmaster. 

By the virtue of this position he automatically became the number four person in heaven and his power and authority exceeded that of all other angels. When he was cast out of heaven together with his fellow rebels, a vacuum was created in heaven that needed to be filled. 

So this necessited the creation of Adam and Eve, through whom God automated the creation of billions of human beings who would now grow up to take the place of Satan and the fallen angels. 

When Satan learnt of this, he became very envious of man and decided to prevent man from occupying such a highly exalted position by teaching them to sin.

God knew this would happen, so He made provision beforehand to get man's sins forgiven and give man the opportunity to fulfil his great destiny by allowing His son to come as a man and die for man.

Through Christ's death, burial and resurrection, all men everywhere now have an equal opportunity to fulfil their glorious destiny and not end up with Satan and his angels in hell.

Once the number of people who repent and are in Christ Jesus equal the number of the fallen angels, God will close that chapter of His eternal plan and all those who didn't make it will end up in hell together with Satan who deceived them. This is the only reason why Jesus commanded: "Strive to enter in at the strait gate: for many, I say unto you, will seek to enter in, and shall not be able." (Luke 13:24). And also warned us in Luke 17:32 to "Remember Lot's wife."

Why should you remember Lot's wife?

The reason is because Lot's wife disobeyed the angels command by looking back. In this our generation, if you want to escape for your life, you must never look back, but strive to enter through the strait gate. 

The reason is because if you procrastinate or look back, other people who are worse sinners than yourself will enter before you and you can't blame them or God; because God is no respecter of persons and the kingdom of God is on a "First come, first served." basis.

Now that we know what man the dreamer is and why he was created, let's find out what sleep is.

Sleep is 90% death while death is 100% sleep. In other words, anybody that is dead is 100% asleep.

So anytime you're sleeping, you are 90% dead. It is only the grace of God that makes it possible for you to become alive again by waking up in the morning.

Dreams And Their Significance

Dreams are the movement or activities of the soul of man.

Whenever you are asleep and you're dreaming, what it means is that your soul has gone somewhere to do one thing or the other in a physical or spiritual location upon receiving a dream signal from God or Satan, and your body is seeing or monitoring your soul through an elastic silvery wire that connects your soul to your body. This silvery wire usual gets cut at death. And can only be joined together again by the miraculous power of God. 

100% of sleep or death occurs whenever the spirit, soul and body are separated from each other and go different ways, the wire will cut because there is no agreement between the three of them (Amos 3:3).

Whenever you are dreaming and you see yourself dreaming inside that dream, what it means is that your spirit, soul and body were separated for a few seconds. In other words you were completely dead for a few seconds. I have experienced this phenomenon at least two times.

The purpose of dreams is for God to guide, teach, rebuke, save, admonish, warn, chastise, reveal, encounter and bless man. Satan and his demons can also kill, manipulate, deceive, harm or curse man through dreams. In other words all dreams do not come from God. 

Dreams are the primary ways God speaks to man regardless of whether the person has a relationship with God or not. The activities or experiences you have in a dream are clues to what God or satan wants to communicate to you or do to you and they are subject to interpretation. The reason why God made majority of dreams subject to interpretation is because God knows that Satan would try to steal your dreams. So if your dreams are stolen satan cannot interpret them and because the dreams come from the mind of God, it will take the Holy Spirit to interpret them correctly. Satan only steals your dreams in order to keep you in the dark, directionless and easy to manipulate. 

The importance of dreams cannot be overestimated. This is why Satan has a special squad called dream chasers and dream stealers, who steal people's dreams. They are the reason why you dream and do not remember your dreams. If you don't dream at all, what it means is that a group of these demons are actively blocking dream signals that God sends to you. It is dream signals given to you by God that enable you to dream, that is why John said that "A man can receive nothing, except it be given him from heaven." (John 3:27).

Even people that do money ritual or receive one thing or the other from Satan cannot receive it except God permits Satan to give it to them. Satan is poor and has nothing of his own; what he gives to his worshippers are the blessings he steals from the children of God (John 10:10).

Sometimes when I close my eyes to think or rest during the day time, I would immediately have a revelational dream, even though I'm not actually asleep. This is called closed vision.

But sometimes during the day time, if God sends a dream signal to me, I will fall asleep for a few seconds or minutes and will have the revelation and then wake up instantly. This is called a trance. Dreams are one of the stethoscopes used to measure a person's spiritual life or spiritual health. If someone can tell me two or more of his dreams I could understand the person's spiritual state or problems by the grace of God.

Two similar dreams do not always carry the same interpretation, because their are many different elements or contributing factors in a dream. Therefore, it is wise to rely on God for the interpretation of the dream. Nevertheless, there are some dreams that do not require any interpretation. 

The truth is that everything you do in a dream and all the places you go to in a dream are actually 100 percent real. They exist either in the physical realm or spiritual realm. So you should never take any dream lightly; the consequences of doing so can be grave. 

You will do well to get an exercise book and write a summary of your dreams in it on a daily basis, depending on the frequency of your dreams.

I will have to stop here for now, as the subject of dreams cannot be exhausted in this writeup. 

If you have any questions feel free to ask them. And please share this post through every available avenue.

God bless you.

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