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"The First Time A President Attended The Redemption Camp, He Came With 250 Bodyguards" -Adeboye

Yesterday was Father's day and it was a very special one for many. The day is usually set aside to celebrate fathers and the tremendous amount of work they put in throughout the year. Different pastors and ministers came out to deliver sermons and Pastor Adeboye was not left out. He shared a powerful message on the blessings of a father and I will be sharing it with you today.

The first thing we need to know about fathers is that the Lord is the ultimate father, he is the first father and is the one that created all of us. Pastor Adeboye then talked about a father's blessings and how powerful they can be. He used the story of Jacob and Esau as a perfect example. Despite the fact that Jacob stole the blessings of Esau and left him with remnant blessings, Esau was still successful and when he came to see Jacob, he came with a total of over 400 bodyguards.

Despite the fact that he only got the leftover blessing, he managed to talk amass such wealth. Pastor Adeboye used this opportunity to tell the world that the first time a president visited one of his church programs in the redemption camp, the president came with over 250 bodyguards. If a president came with 250 bodyguards while Esau came with more, that means the remnant blessings were enough to make Esau more powerful than a president.

In order to get our father's blessing, we need to be good to children and we do that by obeying the Lord's commandments. Pastor Adeboye then shared a story about two children that saw him coming back after a long day. One ran up to him and collected his bags while the other greeted him from afar. He blessed the one that collected his bag and when the other child asked for his own blessing, Pastor Adeboye asked him what he has done to warrant such blessings.

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