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You Will Always Be 7 Steps Ahead Of Those Who Wants Your Downfall In Jesus Name

Hello brethren, this night I want you to understand that God will always keep you ahead of your enemies. There are those who will never be happy to see you succeed, they will stop at nothing to make sure that you fall but I want you to understand that God will disappoint them, God will render their plan useless in Jesus name.

Always try to make peace with God, try to do things that will please him, stay away from anything that will hurt your fellow human. Don't take what doesn't belong to you by force, don't betray any agreement you have with your fellow human beings, always put God first, and God will be there to protect and guide you, he will protect anything that has to do with you.

If you show God how weak you are, He will show you how strong he is, let God know that your trust is in him, tell him that you are nothing without him, believe and trust in him with all your soul, let God know that you believe in him, that you have faith in him.

If you do all these, no power will dare come near your dwelling, the evil ones will always flee from you in Jesus name.

Read this Bible portion for more grace and uplifting of your spirit. Isaiah 54:17 "No weapon formed against you shall prosper, and any tongue that speaks against you shall be condemned, for this is the heritage of the servants of God."

God bless you all.

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