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Pray These Prayer Points Before You Sleep Tonight

It is another night again and we have motivation to praise the Lord, we had the option to wake up with a smile on our face, and we had the option to go out and get back home in peace and harmony.

This is a Motivation to celebrate God in light of the fact that, such a large number of individuals didn't get the opportunity to get up in the first part of the day, not to discuss going out and returning home in Peace. It is another night again and the time has come to rest, let us express this petitions before heading to sleep today around evening time. 

1. Father I need to thank you for the life of my family and I, thank you for noting our morning supplications, and bringing us home in harmony, thank you Lord for all that you have done, for my family and I in Jesus name.  

2. Father it is the ideal opportunity for us to rest once more, as we rest today around evening time, we asked you send your holy messengers to look out for us, let us rest soundly, and wake up with grins in the first part of the day in Jesus name. So be it 

3. Father as we rest today around evening time, we asked that you remove any awful dreams from our life, any soul of terrible dreams, may you remove it from the my life and the lives of my family, may we have great dreams and let those great dreams show in our lives in Jesus name. So be it. 

4. As we rest today, we implore against any abhorrent plans of the foes, any man or lady from my mom side or my dad side, that is intending to squeeze me and any individual from my family this evening, may you decimate them and make their arrangements to neutralize them, in Jesus name, Amen.  

5. Father as we are heading to sleep calmly and cheerfully today, may we additionally wake up joyfully and calmly, in the first part of the day in the compelling name of Jesus. So be it. 

6. Father I realize that I am a delinquent and I have trespassed against you, any way I and my family has sin against you, we ask that you excuse us for the sake of Jesus, Amen. 

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