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Reasons you should join Jehovah witnesses.

For anyone who wishes to join a center of worshipping. Jehovah witness is the best place to be; as the place of their meeting normally called kingdom Hall.

To know about Jehovah witnesses, they do not have a pastor or prophet but only one that they'll see to teach them. The one in charge to teach normally called "elders". So there is no competition among anyone there. But to share the words of Jehovah.

Jehovah witnesses has lot of things to offer anyone as their members. They are very much lovely and good in acceptance of people.

Peaceful conduct of service, which is normally move around, without interruption or misconduct. But totally, the spirit will be in place to move and touch them, whenever the teaches is ongoing.

Through the teachings, miracles will happened. In case of anyone who's only wanting miracles, for attending a place of worshipping.

mostly Jehovah witnesses members, are not poor one; because the good news of Jehovah they normally spreads, all time bringing them blessings.

In tithing: Jehovah witnesses do not compulsory tithing in their doctrine. But if you wishes to contribute to the growth of the kingdom, then you can do whatever you wishes. Like the news trending all around today, about churches pastor laying curses on whosoever do not pay tithe. But this kingdom will not Force you, out of your pocket but what you wish for the kingdom in good manners will be accepted.

In helping each other:In term of financial problem, they have a way they'll always give to each other, without ado. And for anyone looking for a place of love, You are in the right place as long you in Jehovah witnesses. They don't pretends in loving each other.

Offering: Jehovah witnesses, do not take offering as a compulsory things. Which normally turns away many poor people from churches. This is done in habit of giving the kingdom voluntarily, whatever you have. So poor people have their comfortable chances, to join the kingdom, As nobody will know if they have or not. In many churches today, if anyone do not partake, in giving offerings the pastors in charge, won't see the group of people like that as relevant in the church. Joining Jehovah witnesses is something that will change many life, because the kingdom is their major focus.

Clean environments: most of kingdom Hall of Jehovah witnesses are always cool and neat to enter with good conducive environment.

They have their unique dresses which is normally tally in as to show the Christ discipline in them. They don't tolerate anyone to dress anyhow, like other worshipping center would do.

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