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Pastor Adeboye's Early Morning Message And Prayer Points For Thursday 16/7/2020 (Open Heavens)

The title of this morning message is Just A Little Sin.

From the title we can easily guess what the passage is talking about, sin.

Daddy G.O made us to understand that God hates sin, and He will always punish anyone who commits sin no matter how well the person may try to conceal it.

One of the tricks of the devil is to make us think that we have been doing well before God, and that just indulging in a little sin in time of temptation will not be too bad.

After all we will ask God for forgiveness at the end of the day. He is a merciful God He will always forgive us.

That is a serious mistake because; one little sin leads to another, and eventually becomes big.

1 Corinthians 10:13 makes us to understand that any temptation we are facing is common, and that we are not the only person facing it, others are experiencing it too.

If others can face it and escape without falling into it, then we can too, because the same spirit is dwelling within us.

Instead of giving excuses, and looking towards others to blame them for our shortcomings, let us look unto Jesus the author and the finisher of our faith.

Who has gone through all the temptations we are facing daily according to Hebrews 4:15-16.

He is our High Priest, a special indeed because He actually experienced what we are passing through now, so that He himself will know how to deliver us having known the pains that we are passing through.

Going into sin is by choice, from the day that Jesus resurrected from the dead, sin has lost its power.

It can no longer force you to do its bidding, because Jesus Christ who conquered sin and death has given the victory unto us.

Shake off every fear of falling into a particular sin that has mastered your life, and that has practically become so powerful that you cannot stop yourself from committing it.

The blood of Jesus cleanses from all sins, if you have actually given your life to Christ, then you already have victory over sin.

Wake to this realization, because it is more real that day and night. Begin to possess your possession, and enjoy the abundant life that the death and resurrection of Christ has made available unto us.

Prayer Points

1. Father thank you for making me and my family see another day in peace and in good health.

2. Father empowers me to live a life that is void of sin in Jesus name.

3. Father by the power in your blood I overcome sin, sickness and diseases in Jesus name.

4. Father let your blood wash away all my sins and give me a new life in Jesus name.

5. Father every weakness in my life turn them to strength

6. Father I exchange my weakness for your strength this morning.

7. Father release upon me the power to go and sin no more.

8. Every temptation targeting my destiny help me to overcome them.

9. Father, every sin that Satan wants to use to make me separate from you, let them fail.

10. Father I refuse to surrender any part of my body to sin.

11. Father I receive power to walk in holiness every day.

12. Father I receive power to resist the devil in Jesus name.

13. Father throughout today let me do your will.

14. Thank you father.


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