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Story Of How A Nigerian Blacksmith Was Called By God To Become A Pastor

The founder of Christ Apostolic Church, Joseph Ayo Babalola, was born on April 25, 1904 in Odo-Owa, Ilofa, Kwara state. He came from the late pa David Lawani Rotimi and madam Martha Talabi Rotimi's family.

He was born and raised in the Anglican Church, but was later moved to Lagos by his uncle, Mr. M. O Rotimi, a teacher at C. M. S. He went to Oto-Awori Elementary School in Badagry Road, Methodist School, Ago Ijaye in Ebute Meta.

Babalola dropped out of school to study blacksmithing and eventually worked for PWD as a stream roller operator (Public Works Department). God summoned him to be a prophet of God in 1928, when he was called beside the river Ariran on the Akure-Ilesha route on October 9th. On that fateful day (the 11th of the same month and year), he was summoned by God to quit his work and begin preaching.

The Bishop later expelled him from the Anglican Church in his hamlet because the majority of the church members were seeing visions, speaking in tongues, and praying fervently. In 1928, he was baptized as a Christian at Lagos Lagoon.

Babalola's first miracle occurred in September 1930, when he awoke a dead kid and then healed lepers, blind people, and crippled people a week later. A Bell, Water, Staff, and Bible were symbols of his mission (the bell was used to invite Angels of God during prayer gatherings and the water was used to heal people of their sicknesses).

In July of 1959, the wonderful Apostle of God passed away. This happened over 30 years after he received his call. Even after his death, the church continues to exist and is recognized internationally.

Babalola is regarded as an apostle by the CAC, and his revival work is seen as the birth of the church. In his honor, a CAC retreat center and university have been established in Ikeji-Arakeji, Osun State, where Babalola was initially called by God in 1928. By Ayo Babalola's particular calling before the end of the year, you will offer a greater witness that will astound everyone in Jesus' tremendous name (Amen)

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