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4 Basic Reasons God Cannot Not Forgive Satan

To some persons this has been a puzzle, while to others it’s an argument: “they say, if God is really a merciful God, why didn’t He forgive Satan?” to those who take this subject as argument, they forget that God is a King, not just a king but “the King of kings and the Lord of Lords.”

Every king has a kingdom and in every kingdom, there are principles that guides the operation of such kingdom. If these principles are broken, the culprit must pay dearly.

In this article I will be showing us 4 basic reason why could did not forgive Satan:

1.    Satan made an eternal error: Satan rebelled against God in eternity which is an irreversible error. You see, what so many people do not understand is that a mistake made on earth can be forgiven but when you make an eternal mistake, it cannot be reverse. This is a serious matter!

This is why the Bible warns us to repent before we get to eternity because once we get without repentance, there is no remedy. No matter how you cry God cannot help you because you have broken an eternal principle which you ought to pay for.

Understand that this is not wickedness on the part of God but a programmed principle. When rain begins to fall, green grass begins spring forth; it’s a principle (Isaiah 55:6)! The rich man was in hell fire, he cried for help but got nothing because he had crossed the border line where he could be helped (Luke 16:24-26).

2.    Satan never asked for God’s forgiveness: in the Bible, God talked about the fall of Satan in (Isaiah 14; Ezekiel 28; revelation12) and other places, it was never written that Satan said “my Lord, am sorry, forgive me”, rather he decided to make himself a perpetual enemy of God. God only forgives those who ask for it!

3.   Satan made himself a sworn enemy of God: the word “Satan means a sworn enemy, an adversary.” Satan did not only fall, he decided to convince one third of the angel in his rebellion. He also tried to stop the salvation of God from coming into the world but God beat him big time (Revelation6:13; 12:1-8)!

4.   Satan has been condemned to hell: Benny Hinn said, “when the devil reminds you of your past, remind him of his future.” You see, when one is condemned to hell fire, there is no reverse! Satan is condemned to hell fire already and will never be forgiven forever; there is a torment that awaits him (Matthew 8:29). This is why he is doing everything possible to take many with him there but you must say no to him by accepting Jesus!

Are you reading this article right now and you are not born again and you are still living in sin? Don’t be deceived, for God is not mocked, your fate is like that of Satan. No matter how rich you are, don’t forget there’s a rich man in hell fire so hell has no respect for who you are or what you have but the opportunity you have over Satan is that you on earth and you can surrender to Jesus now!

Being born again is not being born in a Christian home or going to church, it is a personal, conscious and dedicated decision you make to accept Jesus into your life as your Lord and personal Saviour and forsaking your sins! If you want to surrender to Christ, please pray these prayers:

Lord Jesus, have mercy on me, forgive me sins, wash me with your precious Blood and save me from eternal damnation. Be my Lord and personal Saviour and write my name in the Book of Life. Thank you Jesus for saving me today!

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