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Use These Matthew 13:25, 3:10 To Pray Wherever You Are This Afternoon

Read these words of God and fight with this prayer. Matthew 13:25; 3:10

All the seed of satan that molest my life, Lord uproot them by your powerful hand.

The tree of bitterness in my destiny be uprooted in Jesus ame.

The seed of sorrow planted into my life from long time be uprooted in Jesus name.

Every seed of darkness planted into my glory be uprooted in the name of Jesus.

Every seed of darkness in my hands that cause disappointment of good things for me Lord uproot them by your power.

All seed of failure in my life, die in Jesus name.

The tree that was planted by the evil people against my goodness I decree in Jesus name die.

Every seed of sickness that went to kill me before glorification, Lord use your merciful hand to uproot it

Every evil seed that produce fruit of sadness in my life Lord uproot them totally.

Lord, let the seed of wicked people over my life die.

Every seed that enemy planted into my life in the middle night Lord uproot them.

The seed of untimely death planted into my life, die in Jesus name.

Every evil seed from my generation that its fruit manifest in my life, Lord uproot them.

The evil generation seed that tormenting my life, die in Jesus name.

The evil tree planted by powerful man in the darkness into my Iife Lord uproot it by the power of heaven.

Every seed that germinate in my life that want to kill my destiny Lord destroy it by your fire.

The seed that produce bitterness fruit for my life from today I uproot it in Jesus name.

Lord uproot the root of sorrow and difficulties of my life in Jesus name.

All trees planted against my freedom, Lord uproot them.

The tree of failure in my lineage, die in Jesus name.

All seed of failure in my foundation decree age, die in Jesus name.

Content created and supplied by: Opeyemiade (via Opera News )



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