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What Christians should know about the Catholic Rosary

The Rosary is one of the most important sacred items in the Catholic Church, this is because of the power it has but that power only works when you put your faith in it. In this article, we would be giving you some reasons why you should take the Catholic Rosary serious as a Christian. The Rosary which many Catholics are praying did not just come up like that because it has been there for more that 800 years. 

The Rosary came to be used by Christians all over the world after it was depicted in the revelation of saint Dominic when he was in France. Mother Mary was responsible for appearing to saint Dominic and then she showed him the Rosary. For centuries, Catholics all over the world have given testimony about the power of the Rosary after they prayed it.

According to the Catholic Church, the Rosary is a very powerful weapons against hell and the devil.  The Rosary has been used to fight dark forces of both men and the underworld, it's not just an ordinary bead but the moment the Rosary is blessed, it becomes a powerful weapon but that weapon only works when you believe in it.

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