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Biblical Explanation Of Matthew 18:18 That You Need To Know

One of the greatest privileges which God has given to his children is to bind and loose whatever they want, and this is because he has given them the keys to the kingdom of heaven (God's kingdom) and according to 1Corinthians 4:20 the kingdom of God is in power, and Ecclesiastes 8:4 and Psalm 5:2, reveals that God is a King, and that power is present anywhere the word of a king is given. This means that the keys of the kingdom of heaven are the power of God, and wherever God's word is spoken, his power is also made available to back it up because Hebrews 1:3 tells us that God upholds all things by the word of his power, and through the word of God backed with power, whatever God's children bind or loose on earth becomes bound or loosed in heaven, and Matthew 18:18 gives a deeper understanding of it which I want to share with you in this article. 

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Here is the Biblical explanation of Matthew 18:18.

According to the first part of the Bible passage above, " Verily I say unto you", this means that what he (Christ) says is true, and since he is the true God (1John 5:20), and God does not lie, his word is yea and amen, and it means the information he is passing across is the truth.

This second part of the Bible passage " Whatsoever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever ye shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.", means that anything whether living or non-living, visible or invisible that any child of God shall bound or loosed, will also be bound or loosed in heaven, and according to Matthew 16:19, the keys to bind and lose anything has been given to God's children through Jesus Christ, and by faith they can use the keys which are God's power, to bind or loose whatever they want on earth and it will likewise be bound or loosed in heaven.

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