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Is it permissible to swear by the Quran?

From the point of view of Islam, the oath is usually made in the name of Allah Almighty. When pronouncing such an oath, expressions such as "wallahi", "billahs" or "tallahi" are used. But at the same time, oaths by the Koran or Kaaba, that is, that which is sacred from the point of view of Islam, are also included in the concept of an oath.

In most cases, the form of oaths is determined by custom and tradition. Thus, the oath of the Quran also became traditional and is one of the types of oaths. Moreover, the oath by the Quran, in comparison with other types of oaths, is perceived by many people as a great oath that places great responsibility on a person. If two parties arguing on some issue cannot agree and prove their case, then they are offered to swear on the Quran. In fact, if the issue is not very serious, or if a person is not sure that he is right, then he will not dare to take such an oath.

If we consider this issue from the point of view of fiqh, then the oath by the Quran is permitted, since the oath by the Koran, which is the eternal word of Allah Almighty, is an oath of the greatness and power of Allah Almighty.

Ibn Qudama in his book “al-Mughni” writes: “An oath by the Qur'an or at least one of its verses is a full-fledged oath. The same was said by Ibn Masud, Qatada, Imam Malik, Shafi'i, as well as all the owners of knowledge ”(al-Mughni, IX / 407, 7981).

Imam Badruddin Aini, who wrote commentaries on Bukhari's Sahih, said: “In my opinion, if someone swears by the Quran, it will be considered an oath. Especially today, when false oaths are widespread, the oath in the qur'an is of particular importance. "

From all of the above, it follows that the oath by the Qur'an is binding, and the violation of such an oath requires a kaffarat.

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