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4 Big Calamities Prophet Muhammad (SAW) Urge Muslims To Seek Protection Against during Tashahud

Solat (Obligation Prayer) is one of the pillars of Islam, Allah Almighty made it compulsory on all Muslims and also ordered them to establish it and perform it well.

Prophet Muhammad(SAW) said in his word that: "Prayer is one of the criteria that distinguish between iman (Muslims) and Kufur (non-Muslims).

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) also explained to the people the importance of prayer verbally and practically.

Solat is not only about worship Allah alone, but in each step of it, there are many opportunities for the Muslims to seeks for their needs from Allah which He promised to grant them their wishes because Solat period is the best time the Muslims get closer to Him.

Tashahud is one of the important aspects of prayer and it is done after two Raka and the last Raka of the prayer. Since this stage of the prayer is very important, Prophet Muhammad (SAW) urge the Muslims to make use of it and seek for Allah protection against these four Calamities.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: "When one of you has finished the last tashahhud, he should seek the protection of Allaah from four things;" [saying: 

0 Allah! I truly seek protection with You] from the punishment of Hellfire, and from the punishment of the grave, and from the trials of living and dying, and from the evil { trials] of the False Christ.

After this prayer, Muslims have the option to say any other prayer or just end the Solat with Salama.

Credit: Hadith.

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