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OPINION: Nigerian Muslims And Christians Need Religious Tolerance To Uphold Peace In The Country

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Nigeria is a secular country with practitioners of different faiths even though the constitution only recognizes three major religions namely Islam, Christianity, and traditionalism. Among these three, Christianity and Islam are given massive acceptance. Despite general consideration for the two religions, many of the worshippers have not been tolerant enough with their counterparts in faith and some fanatical religious leaders are the ones instigating people of one faith against believers of the other.

There are extremists in both religions who hold the opinion that their brethren in faith are not practicing the religion the way they should, it is often easy for such extremists to be indoctrinated and brainwashed by religious terrorists. These terrorists have sponsors with ulterior motives which are usually unknown to those who follow them blindly. The situation is so bad that a lot of politicians divide unsuspecting Nigerians on the premise of religious dichotomy to achieve their selfish aims. If the citizens of this country can tolerate one another and come together as one, everyone will live in peace and harmony.

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