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The necessity of God's power - Dr Paul Enenche




-Pastor Paul Enenche at Dunamis on 'THE NECESSITY OF GOD'S POWER'

The power of God is necessary victory over the forces of wickedness: Because we live in a world that is submerged in the darkness of wickedness.

Luke 10:19, 1 John 5:19.

I heard the story of a man who was living in America, he came home to build and do some things and the mother who gave birth to him was the witch who wanted him dead. The man suddenly fell sick and the mother went to visit him in the hospital at an odd hour of the night. The nurse attending to the man came to accost the woman and she looked straight at the nurse and she immediately went paralyzed and went and did what she wanted to do on the son. Before morning the boy died.

I heard a very sad story about 2 weeks ago, a family that I know. Young man is in the UK built a house for his father and then bought a car, I think for his uncle and went to the village to celebrate the whole thing in the village and the uncle he bought something for said, 'Oh, your son is matured enough to build you house? Under one month the boy had died in the UK. Less than a short while the father mourning died.

That is why you cannot just live like that.

When I was in Jos, may be 30 years ago. A big man I was preaching to him and then he had affliction in his body and I was praying and asking him to surrender and so forth. He said, 'he doesn't know anything, he doesn't go to the herbalist, he doesn't visit native doctors but he doesn't really go to Church'. I said, you can't live like that, that is a dangerous place to be. I said, people of your level who doesn't go to Church are deep in a cult and that is not an option because that is high road to hell. So, you must donate yourself to God fully and live for Him because you can't afford to be neutral. Arrows are just flying; that you are wearing a suit is annoying somebody. 'Why are you not in the village wretched? That you are looking the way you are looking now is offending somebody. That is why you need power.

Tonight, I declare the release of power upon somebody.

Those kind of examples you heard just now shall never be your portion, shall never be the portion of your family, shall never be the portion of your community.

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