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Courage Overcomes Fear

The Oxford English Dictionary describes fear as an unpleasant sensation caused by nearness of danger or pain, while courage is the ability to control fear when facing danger or pain.

David displayed great courage when Israel was gripped with fear in the battle with the Philistines. Goliath, the dreaded warrior and champion of the Philistine army, had frightened Saul, king of Israel, and his army through derisive propaganda.

Israel required a man with godly courage to confront Goliath and the Philistine army. David was the man. Plautus said, "Courage in danger is half the battle".

You need faith in God to develop godly courage to overcome your fears and challenges of life. As a Christian, you are in a spiritual warfare with Satan who is more powerful than Goliath. You must put unflinching faith in God and He who helped David to kill Goliath will help you defeat Satan bad his hosts.

Overcome Your Fears with Godly Courage.

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