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You Can't Have A Happy Life Because You Sit Around Waiting For Someone To Make You Happy—J Meyer

Pastor Joyce Meyer, of the America based Joyce Meyer Ministries, has shared on her official Facebook page the video of a message she delivered on why believers must be up and doing in taking responsibility for things that happens in their lives.

According to the cleric, she has revealed in her words, from 0:01 to 01:11 of the video that you cannot have a happy life just because you sit around waiting for someone to make you happy. The cleric has buttressed the message by sharing the story of the paralytic man by the pool of Bethesda, who has waited for 38 years to receive his healing, which could have happened if he had been changed to dip in a pool, that has always been troubled by an angel. As shared by the cleric, the man had waited at the pool for thirty-eight years waiting for someone to help him.

According to the cleric, the paralytic man has waited for good thirty eight years just for someone to help him into the Water whereas, the angel only comes once every year. He had wasted a lot of his life, waiting for a helper. The cleric has stressed in his words to believers in his words that, sometimes we do not know how long we have been going around the mountain waiting for someone else to come along and fix it. The cleric has stressed in her words of advice to believers that, they should stop giving somebody else the responsibility for what they ought to be doing themselves

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