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3 Things You Should Start Doing To Attract The Blessings Of God Into Your Life

One of the major reasons why a lot of people are living a life of misery is due to the wrong mindset they possess. It is never the plan of God for you to live a life of misery. God has created us in his image and likeness so that we can rule as kings upon the earth. The Bible says in Jeremiah 29:11 “ I know the plans I have for you, the plan to bring you prosperity and not a disaster, the plan to bring about the future you hope for”. You must understand that God who created us in his image will always want the best for us. 

It is very wrong if you believe that God has destined some set of people for greatness. I have always asked myself whether it was God’s plan for some to be rich while others are poor but I got the answer to that question when I read the book “discovering your potential by Dr Myles Munroe”. I later discovered all beings on earth are full of potential and your life cannot be miserable if you maximise your potential. 

If you want to continually enjoy God's blessings over your life, there are certain kingdom principles you can apply. Some of them include; 

1.  Giving

This is an ancient principle that cannot fail. Giving is one of the ways you can order open heavens and attract God’s blessings upon your life. Those who make giving a habit never lack. I will strongly enjoin you to always give no matter your financial circumstance. You must not be a billionaire before you give. The book of Proverbs 11:25 says “a generous person will prosper, whoever refreshes others will be refreshed”. The book of Luke 6:38 says “ give, and it will be given to you. a good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For the measure you use, it will be measured to you”. Many people have been doing this and they have never lacked.

It is also vital you know how and when to give. Try to give to men and women of God. Look at the story of Prophet Elijah and the widow in the bible. By emptying her jar to share her last meal with a prophet, she never lacked again. Even God’s ultimate love for humanity was shown through the act of giving. For he so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son. Look at billionaires like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg, etc who have signed the pledge to give their whole wealth to charity, their net worth alone says it all today. Blessed is the hand that giveth than the one that taketh. 

2.  Gratitude

Ingratitude can close the window of heaven over a man's life. God wants you to move toward him as a son and not as a servant. Don’t begin your prayer session with a complaint and end it with a complaint. So many Christians are culpable of this and it is very bad. Always be grateful to God for what he has done. Even if you feel you have nothing to be grateful for, the gift of life is worthwhile. When you thank God for the little he has done, he will be moved to do more for you. The book of Psalm 100:1 says “sing to the lord the entire world. Worship the Lord with joy; come before him with happy songs”.

Practice the habit of gratitude even in your daily transactions with people. The little ‘thank you’ you say to people can move them to do more things for you. Gratitude is another vital kingdom principle that can open heaven for your sake. When you are grateful to people for the little they have done, they will be moved to do more. 

3.  Tithe and offering

So many people tend to undermine this principle but this is not good. Paying tithe and making an offering to the lord are strong kingdom principles that can command open heaven. We saw how Jacob made a promise to the lord in the book of Genesis 28:22 to always pay his tithe and we later saw how God blessed him due to his promise kept. When you pay your tithe, you tell God that you are answerable and he can trust you. When you trust God, he blesses you but when he trusts you, he makes you a blessing. This is one of the major secrets of the great.

From the best of all that you make, try and make an offering to the Lord. Try and bless men and women of God. This principle is already established and you can tap into that grace. Be generous with what you have and see how God will bless you. You must not certainly pay your tithe in the church. It can be done even to the widows and mergers around you. 

Everyone should adhere to the tips of this article.

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